Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why you should first stop by your insurance agent's office when shopping for a home or vehicle...

Whether you're buying a house or a vehicle in Franklin TN, Brentwood TN, or elsewhere in Middle Tennessee, I can help save you money and prevent headaches, in ways you might not expect.

Home help:  Check with me early in the process of your home hunting, even as you're looking at multiple homes.  When I create a home insurance proposal, I'll also be able to tell you if the home had insurance claims filed recently -- crucial information for you, especially for a claim that wasn't disclosed.  Absence of claims is probably a good thing, where an abundance of claims likely isn't!

Auto help: If you're considering several different makes/models of cars or trucks, let me provide you with auto insurance quotes for each one -- early on.  
You'll be surprised at the difference in insurance rates for various vehicles.  As you'd expect, some are safer than average, or less expensive to repair than average -- and should cost less to insure.  Others are quite the opposite, and will cost more to insure.  Wouldn't you like to know this early on?
I'll bet I can save you $$ in more ways than one!

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Franklin, TN 37067
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