Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Which one of these is really THE secret to avoiding most car accidents...

The two insurance companies that offer plug-in devices to monitor their customers' driving habits have collected much information over the years.  Whether you like this "Big Brother" approach, or not, these companies have gleaned fascinating insights I thought might be helpful to you, as reported in the January 11, 2016 issue of The Wall Street Journal:

  • Older folks who don't yield at intersections are riskier compared to people of any age who get speeding citations.
  • A mile driven at 2 a.m. is at least 4 times riskier than a mile driven at 7 a.m..
  • Hard braking apparently is a major predictor of future accidents.  According to one company, if you slam on your brakes more than eight times every 500 miles, you're 73% more likely to be in an accident.
While these are all thought-provoking facts, the real nugget is the hard-braking finding.  What a simple, yet powerful concept!  How can we avoid most hard-braking situations? 
                                  DON'T SPEED and DON'T TAILGATE!
Now, I'm really not trying to be preachy.  I was no saint on the roads when I was a teen, but have cleaned up my act since then.  Being in the insurance business has helped me see this issue even more clearly, though, and I'm telling you, if you live by just this one rule, you'll likely stay out of trouble with the police, avoid large insurance rate-hikes, and most importantly, possibly save a life!  Try it for 21 days, and you might just make a habit out of it.  Plus, the drivers of Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson's StationSpring Hill, and Nashville will thank you for it!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Need a last-minute free stocking stuffer (no, it's not related to auto or home insurance!)...

As we wish for and buy gifts this Christmas, it's important to remember that our most precious gifts are our children.  Help us keep our community’s kids safe.  For the 10th straight year, the David Yates Insurance Agency is pleased to offer Child I.D. Fingerprint kits, courtesy of Farmers Insurance, free of charge to anyone who requests them.
Child I.D. Fingerprint kit
These kits have everything you need to properly take and store your child’s fingerprints and personal information, and have ready in the event of an emergency.  It's a terrific stocking stuffer!

These all-in-one kits could play such a significant role in keeping your children safe, that I'll be glad to deliver them to you in person in the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin/Nolensville/Spring Hill area.  Just give me a call. 

Of course, you are always welcome to stop by our office located at 1881 General George Patton Dr, Suite 103, Franklin TN 37067 (in Cool Springs), and we'll be happy to provide I.D. Kits to you free of charge.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Who's better at handling your auto insurance claim? Satisfaction study says...
Who would serve you better --
 a far-away call-center or a local agent?
When you have an accident and need help from your insurance company, do you think you'd get better service from a company with a local agent, or from a 1-800 or .com-only company?

According to the latest survey of auto insurance claims satisfaction (provided by a widely recognized consumer research firm), the two biggest 1-800/online-only auto insurers fall BELOW the industry average when it comes to auto claims satisfaction. 

Yes, they advertise to you at every opportunity, asking you to click or call 1-800 -- but are ranked below-average for customer satisfaction in this important claims category. 

Meanwhile, stable companies with local agents -- like Farmers Insurance Group -- finished ABOVE the industry average for auto insurance claims satisfaction.

It makes sense when you think about it.  Wouldn't you prefer a local agent who takes a great interest in making sure you have the right coverage from the start, and is there at claims-time -- when you really find out what kind of policy you bought?

Compare this to someone in a cubicle, 1,000 miles away, signing you up for "state minimum" coverage, without a second thought, because you weren't sure what you needed, and trusted them.  Then, never speaking with you again, because your calls are always routed to next available representative after waiting through each voicemail prompt.  Or worse, getting your own policy online, without ever speaking to a human!

And, if something happens, and it's claims-time, only then do you realize you don't have the coverage you need.  You wish you would have gotten some good, personalized advice from an expert in your neighborhood, a local agent, whom you know, advising you of the best steps to take -- and backed by an above-average insurance company.

There's real value in going with a quality insurance policy and a local agent in Franklin TN who knows you.  That's what I'm here for.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

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Monday, October 12, 2015

How to help your home survive the winter and save you money...

The top four crucial items to put on your Fall maintenance to-do list right now, before winter sets in, courtesy of Jerry Ross of Deluxe Home Inspection Services LLC in Franklin, TN

1. Remove leaves, branches, and other debris off the roof and gutters.  Debris can cause water pooling and form ice dams which can break or deteriorate roofing shingles and breach the moisture barrier.  Keep all drainage free of debris.  A defective roofing system can cause serious and costly damage to your home.

2. Fall is an excellent time to look for cracks around doors and windows.  Caulking these cracks will help keep the warm air in, and the water and insects out.

3. Service your furnace at least once each year.  Cleaning the furnace will help it run efficiently and minimize a failure when you need it most.  Be sure to change your filters regularly.

4. Remove hoses from hose bibs.  Any trapped water can freeze and crack water pipes.  Also, close vents to the crawlspace to help trap some warm air as plumbing and sewer pipes can freeze if too much cold air is allowed in.  Insulating water pipes can help slow the freezing process.

By the way, I think Jerry Ross is the best residential home inspector in the business.  You can contact him at 615-310-3230 or

Be sure to look back through my entire blog, as you'll find plenty of home-maintenance and money-saving tips for all seasons. 

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

It's not your imagination -- there ARE more cars out there on the roads...

Have you noticed there seems to be so many more cars out there on the streets of Franklin TN, and the whole Nashville TN metro area, for that matter?  It's apparently a nationwide trend, too.  As reported in today's Wall Street Journal, the Federal Highway Administration reports that U.S. drivers have driven a record 1.54 trillion miles through the first half of 2015 (don't ask me how they calculate that!).

Experts tend to agree that lower gas prices and higher employment rates mean more people are out there driving, which likely leads to more wrecks.  In fact, the National Safety Council expects U.S. motor-vehicle deaths this year to top 40,000 for the first time since 2007.  The NSC also estimates one out of every four car accidents involves cell-phone usage -- a figure, I think, which is even higher, given how many "bowed heads" I see out there driving around.

So what's our take-away from all this?  Be careful out there.  As I tell my 16-year-old daughter, don't tailgate, and always give yourself an "out".

Finally, here's a motto that's been around forever, but has never been more appropriate than it is today:  Look out for the other guy!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Avoid costly water leaks in your home -- find out how in one minute and eleven seconds...

Refrigerator Icemaker Water Line
I disconnected our icemaker's water line years ago, when I saw how often they're prone to failure and silently leak into the floor, usually when you're on vacation.  Nothing wrong with using ice cube trays instead!
         Consider disconnecting your icemaker      
and turning off water supply to fridge.

Water Lines
Check all your water connections periodically under your sinks, dishwashers and toilets.  Should be dry.

Washing Machine
Make sure your water line hoses are braided, not just rubber.  A floor drain by the clothes washer is an outstanding idea, or, at the very least, a plastic drip pan, placed underneath, can help.  Also be sure to shut off your hot and cold water valves when your washer's not going to be in use for a while -- although, if you do this every single time you're finished washing, it could lead to premature wear on your valves, as I found out!   At a minimum, turn them off when you're out of town.

Main Water Supply
Some of the biggest water damage and insurance claims seem to happen when people are on vacation.  If a pipe bursts, the water has lots of time to do plenty of damage. Consider shutting off your main water supply when you're out of town for an extended amount of time (always consult a qualified plumber to properly and safely do this).  Finally, have someone check in on your home periodically.  Peace of mind.

Consider water leak sensors/alarms in your kitchen and bathrooms.  I haven't tried them yet, but they sound like a great idea.  I'll bet they can even be configured to alert you on your smartphone (if not, then that's a million-dollar idea just waiting to be developed).

I've got a lot more tips I'll be happy to share with you to save you from big-time water headaches. Just call me.  Or, when you're in the Cool Springs area of Franklin TN, please stop by.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

If you've ever misinterpreted something, you need to read about a most important part of your auto insurance policy...

Has this happened to you?  A friend tells you they finally bought a new car and want you to see it.  When you do, it turns out to be a 10-year-old car, which surprises you a bit, because you thought that "new" meant a "this-year" model.  But to your friend, buying the car is a "new" development, so it makes perfect sense to them to say they have a "new car".

The fact that all humans have different perspectives, and thus, different definitions for things, are the reasons we have dictionaries, laws, and yes, insurance policies.

In every auto insurance policy, there is a "Definitions" section, arguably one of the most important parts of a policy.  Why?  Because it tells you specifically what the insurance company covers, and what it doesn't.

Here are a couple of examples:

Within the "Definitions" section, you'll find it defines the term "Your Insured Car", so when you see the phrase throughout the rest of your policy, you'll know what your INSURANCE company considers "your insured car".  Does it mean only the specific cars listed on the policy?  What about a family member's car?  A car used for your pizza delivery business? A 17-passenger van?  A dually pickup truck? Does it mean a car you rent to take a weekend trip? Does it include a new car you just bought, but haven't informed your agent about yet?  Get the picture?  And guess what, if your car's in an accident, the insurance adjustor will follow whatever the policy definitions say, not necessarily what YOU might have been expecting.

What about the definition of who is "An Insured Person" under the auto policy?  Does that mean only people specifically listed on the policy?  Or anyone living at your house?  Or, someone you've loaned the car to?  Don't loan out your car to your neighbor until you've checked to see if your insurance policy will consider them "An Insured Person".

As I've said many times before, insurance policies are NOT all the same, and not understanding your specific auto policy can potentially ruin your life, in case of a mishap.  So lean on me, your trusted advisor.  I'm here to help you understand what's important to YOU.

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