Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Three crucial changes to make to your auto insurance policy RIGHT NOW...

Change your bodily injury liability coverage to a $500,000 limit -- if you hurt somebody in a car accident, your policy's bodily injury limit represents the highest amount your insurance will pay for the "other guy's" medical expenses, funeral, etc. If you're not my customer, you probably only have a $100,000 limit -- which seems like a lot, but it's NOT, considering the average "bodily injury" lawsuit jury award nationwide is now about $400,000. Where does the rest of the money come from? From your assets, current income, and future income. Isn't it worth a few extra dollars to properly protect yourself?
Make sure you have Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist bodily injury coverage -- if someone with little or no insurance hurts you in an accident (half of the drivers out there), you need to have at least a $500,000 limit covering your own injuries, loss of future income, etc., etc..
If your vehicle is worth $1,500+, you need Comprehensive and Collision coverages -- covers physical damage your own vehicle. Comprehensive coverage pays to fix or replace your ride due to vandalism, theft, or if you hit an animal. Collision coverage pays to fix or replace it if you have an accident that's your fault. If you don't have these basic protections, then your insurance won't pay if you wreck your own car or truck! Of course, if the "other guy" is at fault, then their insurance is responsible.
These are basics, but you'd be surprised how many folks are driving around without the proper insurance. Are you at risk with not enough coverage? Remember, you can't choose when you have an accident, so please make sure you're properly insured today. Call me if I can help review your current insurance with you.

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