Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Millions of dollars spent to tell us not a darn thing…

Seems like every other insurance company commercial tells us, “People who switch to Company XYZ save an average of $468 on their car insurance!” 
This advertising refrain has been a pet peeve of mine over the years because it very cleverly tells you absolutely nothing! Why? Because EVERY insurance company can make that claim. They’re only counting the savings of people who DID switch to them, NOT everyone who received a quote. They don’t mention that many more potential customers decided not to switch because they would have paid an average of $468 more!
I majored in Advertising in college, and love to analyze ads in all media to see what makes them tick. And all these price-focused insurance ads really tick me off! They’d have us believe that buying insurance is just like buying a box of cereal, where flashy packaging and low price is all that matters.
As I’ve said in this blog before, insurance is not a commodity, and shouldn’t be purchased in 15 minutes online or with a 1-800 number.  Companies are different, coverages are varied, and it is essential to discuss your individual insurance needs with a competent insurance agent here in Williamson and Davidson counties who is familiar with, and who cares about, your specific situation. Like me, for instance!

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