Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Franklin TN makes a U-turn

U-Turners in Franklin can soon celebrate! The city of Franklin TN is making U-turns legal in city limits starting May 1, 2012.
As I mentioned in a 2010 blog, many were surprised to learn that U-turns haven’t been legal in Franklin for decades. Recently however, police were only sporadically enforcing this regulation, and our aldermen have now decided to make official what most drivers assumed was the case, anyway.
Please be aware there are as many as 29 intersections around town that will continue to ban U-turns, and all will have “No U-turn” signs installed, if they aren’t already. If you’ve ever seen someone make a U-turn that becomes a 3-point turn mess, and holds up traffic, or almost gets hit, you know that it’s not smart to try a U-turn just anywhere!

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