Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You don’t have to be a senior to get this “senior” discount!

Just yesterday, I was telling my daughter how I used to think that anyone over 30 was old! Now, as I approach my 50th birthday this year, I’ve officially updated my obviously premature and erroneous point of view, by pushing that “old” designation way, way ahead. From now on, I’ll think about other things, like senior discounts!

Speaking of discounts, here’s an auto insurance discount that you may not know about. If you’re a “seasoned” or even “moderately seasoned” driver, check to see if your insurance company offers a ”Mature Driver” discount. Usually, it requires you to be 55 or over, and to have taken a defensive driving class approved by your state.  You’re usually required to repeat the class every three years to maintain the discount.

In Franklin, TN, there appears to be only one state-certified vendor offering courses in town. It’s DISC/Middle TN Safety Council (615-794-2352). This organization holds classes every Saturday morning and Monday evening at Freedom Middle School (750 New Hwy 96). Cost is $25 for a 4-hour course, providing you tell them upfront that you’re specifically attending in order to get a discount on your insurance.  Just take the class, and provide the certificate of completion to your insurance agent.

Of course, be sure to first check with your insurance company to make sure it offers the discount, and to understand any specific requirements it may have. However, what I’ve outlined here is pretty typical.

Please go to the State of Tennessee Department of Safety website for listings of all state-approved defensive driving vendors and class locations.


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