Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Which one of these is really THE secret to avoiding most car accidents...

The two insurance companies that offer plug-in devices to monitor their customers' driving habits have collected much information over the years.  Whether you like this "Big Brother" approach, or not, these companies have gleaned fascinating insights I thought might be helpful to you, as reported in the January 11, 2016 issue of The Wall Street Journal:

  • Older folks who don't yield at intersections are riskier compared to people of any age who get speeding citations.
  • A mile driven at 2 a.m. is at least 4 times riskier than a mile driven at 7 a.m..
  • Hard braking apparently is a major predictor of future accidents.  According to one company, if you slam on your brakes more than eight times every 500 miles, you're 73% more likely to be in an accident.
While these are all thought-provoking facts, the real nugget is the hard-braking finding.  What a simple, yet powerful concept!  How can we avoid most hard-braking situations? 
                                  DON'T SPEED and DON'T TAILGATE!

Now, I'm really not trying to be preachy.  I was no saint on the roads when I was a teen, but have cleaned up my act since then.  Being in the insurance business has helped me see this issue even more clearly, though, and I'm telling you, if you live by just this one rule, you'll likely stay out of trouble with the police, avoid large insurance rate-hikes, and most importantly, possibly save a life!  Try it for 21 days, and you might just make a habit out of it.  Plus, the drivers of Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson's StationSpring Hill, and Nashville will thank you for it!

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