Monday, October 12, 2015

How to help your home survive the winter and save you money...

The top four crucial items to put on your Fall maintenance to-do list right now, before winter sets in, courtesy of Jerry Ross of Deluxe Home Inspection Services LLC in Franklin, TN

1. Remove leaves, branches, and other debris off the roof and gutters.  Debris can cause water pooling and form ice dams which can break or deteriorate roofing shingles and breach the moisture barrier.  Keep all drainage free of debris.  A defective roofing system can cause serious and costly damage to your home.

2. Fall is an excellent time to look for cracks around doors and windows.  Caulking these cracks will help keep the warm air in, and the water and insects out.

3. Service your furnace at least once each year.  Cleaning the furnace will help it run efficiently and minimize a failure when you need it most.  Be sure to change your filters regularly.

4. Remove hoses from hose bibs.  Any trapped water can freeze and crack water pipes.  Also, close vents to the crawlspace to help trap some warm air as plumbing and sewer pipes can freeze if too much cold air is allowed in.  Insulating water pipes can help slow the freezing process.

By the way, I think Jerry Ross is the best residential home inspector in the business.  You can contact him at 615-310-3230 or

Be sure to look back through my entire blog, as you'll find plenty of home-maintenance and money-saving tips for all seasons. 

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