Friday, August 28, 2015

Avoid costly water leaks in your home -- find out how in one minute and eleven seconds...

Refrigerator Icemaker Water Line
I disconnected our icemaker's water line years ago, when I saw how often they're prone to failure and silently leak into the floor, usually when you're on vacation.  Nothing wrong with using ice cube trays instead!
         Consider disconnecting your icemaker      
and turning off water supply to fridge.

Water Lines
Check all your water connections periodically under your sinks, dishwashers and toilets.  Should be dry.

Washing Machine
Make sure your water line hoses are braided, not just rubber.  A floor drain by the clothes washer is an outstanding idea, or, at the very least, a plastic drip pan, placed underneath, can help.  Also be sure to shut off your hot and cold water valves when your washer's not going to be in use for a while -- although, if you do this every single time you're finished washing, it could lead to premature wear on your valves, as I found out!   At a minimum, turn them off when you're out of town.

Main Water Supply
Some of the biggest water damage and insurance claims seem to happen when people are on vacation.  If a pipe bursts, the water has lots of time to do plenty of damage. Consider shutting off your main water supply when you're out of town for an extended amount of time (always consult a qualified plumber to properly and safely do this).  Finally, have someone check in on your home periodically.  Peace of mind.

Consider water leak sensors/alarms in your kitchen and bathrooms.  I haven't tried them yet, but they sound like a great idea.  I'll bet they can even be configured to alert you on your smartphone (if not, then that's a million-dollar idea just waiting to be developed).

I've got a lot more tips I'll be happy to share with you to save you from big-time water headaches. Just call me.  Or, when you're in the Cool Springs area of Franklin TN, please stop by.

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