Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spend one minute and thirty-one seconds and learn surprising answers to some of the most common auto insurance questions here in Franklin TN and surrounding areas...

My car was broken into and several things were stolen.  Is this all covered by my auto insurance?
Anything stolen would be likely be covered by your homeowners policy, and the damage to your car would be covered by your "Comprehensive" coverage component of your auto policy.

Had a small accident with another car in a shopping mall parking lot. Should I call the police?
You should try, but there's a good chance they won't to come, because a shopping mall parking lot is considered private property, and not necessarily within the police's normal jurisdiction when it comes to a minor accident (although I've noticed that the Franklin TN police are willing to come more often than not).  Best to take lots of pictures, look for witnesses who can back you up, exchange insurance, license numbers, and basic contact information, and do everything you can to prepare to show you were not at fault -- if you weren't.  Based on what you and the other party tells the insurance companies, and what evidence you supply, the insurance companies involved will ultimately decide where to place the blame.

My neighbor's tree fell on my car. Should I get their insurance company's phone number?
No, but you'll need to call YOUR insurance company and start a claim!  It will be covered by your insurance (although your insurance company may later opt to seek payment from your neighbor, if they were somehow negligent regarding the tree).  Events that are "other than collisions", and damage your car, are usually covered by your "Comprehensive" coverage.

As I always say, when in doubt about something, call your agent -- that's what we're here for!

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