Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Did you know this was illegal in Franklin TN?

Ok, I must admit that since putting my Farmers Insurance sign on my car, I’ve been even more careful with my driving. Having your kids with you in the car will do it, too! And in being more careful, I’ve also been observing other drivers. Like you, I occasionally see people speeding, running red lights, and other “obvious” violations.

But I also see many drivers make a move that is definitely illegal here in Franklin TN. Can’t do it in Brentwood, for that matter. I see it so many times that I think most people don’t realize they can get a ticket for it. What is it? The beloved U-turn.

No U-TurnDecide you’re going the wrong direction on Mack Hatcher Parkway? What’s the harm is making a quick U-turn at the Franklin Road/Mack Hatcher intersection? Well, possibly a lot of harm. You might be misjudging the speed of an on-coming car, or not seeing that guy making a right turn onto Mack Hatcher. Even if you avoid an accident, you may not notice the City of Franklin Police officer conveniently parked nearby, watching for just such things. Do yourself a favor and just drive that extra minute or two until you can legally get going in the other direction. Here’s link to the code, in case you’re interested:


Any guesses on another popular move that might also make you popular with the Franklin police? Yep, passing on the right. If you’re on a two-lane road (one lane going in each direction), and someone ahead of you is stopped to make a left turn, you’re not supposed to go around them on the right. I know it’s tempting to do, but you’ll get a ticket for it. And maybe much worse – I saw someone passing on the right the other day. After just missing a mailbox, his two right tires went off the asphalt and came very close to skidding down a steep embankment!

Municipal Minutia department: While looking through the municipal code, I noticed how close you need to be when parking next to a city street curb. Any guesses? In Franklin we have an 18” limit, which seems pretty generous to me. Watch out when parking in Brentwood though -- they only allow 12”.

What’s your driving pet peeve? What do wish your fellow drivers would do, or not do? Feel free to respond here, and get it off your chest!



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